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Attaining happiness, good health, and success are what we all want for our families and ourselves. By attending a Young Living event, you will be introduced to other people who have improved their health, happiness, and success dramatically by using and distributing Young Living products.               
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12 Oils of the Ancient Scriptures:

Their uses throughout history… Why they worked…

Practical applications for today… Come see for yourself! 

Smell, feel, experience, and learn about the difference Therapeutic-grade Essential Oils can make

I will explain how, since ancient times, the steam distilled volatile oils of some aromatic plants have been cherished for their restorative properties to the mind and body.  The oils are now re-emerging as a key solution to the wellness challenges facing our modern lifestyles.  Science is rediscovering what the ancient Hebrews, Egyptians, Sumerians, Orientals, and early Christians knew centuries ago.

Sample the oils used to halt deadly plague, cleanse lepers, anoint Jesus Christ before the crucifixion; and much, much more!


Everyday Oils:

Start Living with Everyday Oils: The Missing Link in Wellness

I’ll present the tremendous benefits of therapeutic-grade essential oils and their practical uses... and even for your lovable little critters at home. Discover the chemistry behind essential oils and why they have so much healing potential.


We’ll apply therapeutic-grade essential oils from the Everyday Oils Collection and a bonus oil blend called Joy to the palm of the feet that will benefit the body. And you may get some laughs in the session!


We will be sampling many different oils during the event.

Host an Event and bring your family and friends!

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