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 The Four-Phase Plan to Optimum Health by Dr. David Stewart

Want to have a feeling of being alive that you've never had before?

Want to experience optimal functioning of that miraculous body of yours?

Here's a plan based on nature's design, practiced by natural healers for eons, and enhanced by nature's most powerful, holistic solutions for body, mind, and spirit: pure, Grade A Essential Oils from Young Living.

  • Phase One - Get the toxic products out of your routine. Replace them with things that won't harm you or your loved ones, and that will actually help you stay well.
  • Phase Two - Cleanse your digestive system.
  • Phase Three - Balance and strengthen all the systems of your body.
  • Phase Four - Maintain a healthy lifestyle.

 Phase One

Replace the items that obviously contain petrochemicals and other noxious agents.

Become a student of labels! If the label has a warning! symbol on it, or contains any varieties of sodium laurel sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, propylene glycol, etc., it's probably a good idea to get rid of the product and use something else. Here is a partial list of Young Living's chemical free, essential oil-enhanced replacements for personal care products we use every day:

Lavender Volume Hair Care
Bar Soaps & Shower Gels
Lavender Hand & Body Lotion
Sandalwood Moisture Cream
Wolfberry Eye Cream
Orange Blossom Facial Wash
Essential Beauty Serum (Acne Prone)
Dentarome toothpaste (or Dentarome Plus or Ultra)
Fresh Essence Plus Mouthwash (Thieves)
Lavaderm Cooling Mist
Young Living Massage Oils: V6, Ortho Ease Ortho Sport
Satin Facial Scrub Mint
Essential oils as perfume, to disinfect the air in a diffuser, to spray in the kitchen, bathroom, nursery

See Phase Products or Product Price List for more info and pricing.

 Phase Two

Before taking on any new health regimen, if you are under a doctor's care, check with the doctor for his/her approval.

Cleanse your digestive system.
Is this important?
Dr. Bernard Jensen, one of America's foremost naturopaths was fond of saying,
"Death begins in the colon."
Check out some impressive findings about women's health.*

Cleansing your body on the inside and regenerating digestive function is probably the most important first step in getting healthier. Why? Because even if you increased your nutritional supplements, if your digestive system doesn't absorb them, you might as well not have taken them.

Restoring function means getting more nutrition from whatever you eat.
Restoring function means eliminating the by products of digestion that shouldn't stay in your body.

  • The first thing to do is to drink more water!
  • Then, eat more fruits and/or vegetables.
  • Eliminate processed or "white" foods -- white sugar, white flour.
  • Become a student of how different foods affect you. Choose wisely.

As you do all these good things, use the products designed by Gary Young to gently and easily cleanse and rejuvenate the delicate tissues of your digestive tract.

The Cleansing Trio is designed to assist digestion (with Essentialzyme ), aid in ridding the small intestine of parasites and old waste matter (with Comfortone), and to enhance elimination (with ICP). (For strict vegetarians, purchase the three cleansing products individually, substituting one of our other vegetarian enzyme products, such as Polyzyme.)

Begin taking two (2) Essentialzyme or Polyzyme with each meal.
Take Comfortone capsules with each meal or morning and evening if that's more convenient. Start with two at a time. If you don't experience sufficient increased movement of waste through your digestive system, increase the number of Comfortone capsules until you do. Some people have taken more than 10 at a time. This is uncommon, but okay. You won't hurt yourself with Comfortone!

Some people will experience weird sensations in their intestines as the Comfortone begins to work. Do not be alarmed! It may take even a little gas or cramping before what's old gets dislodged and moved out. Just keep drinking water and see what happens.

Once you have healthy "moving days" and are moving your bowels regularly, add the ICP powder to a glass of water or juice and take one teaspoon to several tablespoons at each sitting, depending on the results you want. The amounts taken will vary widely from person to person. A good principle is to start conservatively and add more if you need to, as you see the results.

It is very important to drink more water than usual when doing this cleansing program. If you don't, you won't eliminate properly.

If you have had digestive problems, just cleaning yourself out can eliminate a host of symptoms. It may surprise you! Even if you have had a healthy digestive system, by cleansing you'll know that you are keeping yourself healthy and giving yourself the best chance of staying that way.

Over time, you may find that you no longer need to use The Cleansing Trio every day. Your digestive function will actually improve. But all natural healing methods recommend cleansing at least three or four times a year. It's a natural, healthy choice.

Essential oils may also be used to enhance cleansing. There's nothing quite like a few drops of Peppermint in a bottle of water that you can sip all day long, or a few drops of Di-Gize on the bottoms of your feet, or even rubbed over your abdomen.

Read about how different oils affect the body, and explore how they might help you. Contact us for more information.

* "…it is now known that irregular bowel movements are directly related to serious health conditions. In 1981, a study published in The Lancet reported that women who have less than three bowel movements per week have four times the risk of breast disease than those who have one or more bowel movements per day. Furthermore, colon cancer accounts for over 56,000 deaths each year." From Alternative Medicine, the definitive guide, Future Medicine Publishing, Inc., 1993, p.640

See Phase Products or Product Price List for more info and pricing.

 Phase Three

Balance and strengthen all the systems of your body. This is where the fun really begins!
Not all products are listed here. These are just good ways to start.

For Nutritional Support:
Master Formula His / Master Formula Hers multi-vitamins
Mineral Essence
Sulfurzyme (Powder or Capsules)
Power Meal

For the Digestive System:
The Cleansing Trio
ParaFree Liquid or Caps
Di-Gize (essential oil blend)

For the Liver:
JuvaTone (tablets)
JuvaFlex (essential oil blend)

For the Respiratory System:
Raven (essential oil blend)
RC (essential oil blend)
Eucalyptus Radiata

For the Immune System:
Immupower (essential oil blend)
Thieves (essential oil blend)
Exodus II (essential oil blend)
Exodus (capsules)
Raindrop Kit
For the Cardiovascular System:
Aroma Life (essential oil blend)

For the Hormonal System:
EndoFlex (essential oil blend)
Dragon Time (essential oil blend)

For Bones and Muscles:
Sulfurzyme (Powder or capsules)
BLM (Powder or capsules)
Mineral Essence
Aroma Siez (essential oil blend)
Pan Away (essential oil blend)
Deep Relief (essential oil blend) New!

For Emotional well-being:
Peace & Calming (essential oil blend)
Joy (essential oil blend)
Valor (essential oil blend)
Harmony (essential oil blend)

See Phase Products or Product Price List for product info and pricing.

 Phase Four

Maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Now that you've become accustomed to making healthy choices, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is easy… You understand the principles. Now you just learn to get better and better at it. Now you start thinking, perhaps, about longevity, about extending your life.

The task is simply to keep listening, observing, so that when new challenges arise, you know which tools to use. More water? Exercise? Rest? Supplements? Cleansing? Emotional Balancing? A new essential oil, perhaps?

Use the oils in the ways you now know they work for you. Explore new ones. Try the ones you thought didn't apply to you. Explore the possibilities for inspiration, deeper joy, and sharing your experiences.

Reach out and let other people know what you're doing. If you haven't already begun to build your own business with Young Living Essential Oils, what could be a better time than this, when you know how much value they have added to your life! Contact us to know more.

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